Pleated Furnace Filter.

Pleated Furnace Filter.


A Pleated Filter is a combination of polyester sheet, paper and cotton folded into pleats to enhance the whole exterior area. Pleated Filter can increase the indoor air quality by trapping much more airborne particles such as dirt, dust hair of human and pets which can disquiet the smooth functioning of AC coils and furnace blower fan. The average life of a pleated filter is 4 to 6 month.


  1. It can make your home healthier habitant by removing dust and dirt on walls, ceiling, floors, furniture, mites, animal dander, loose hair of human and pets and other allergens from air.
  2. It can protect AC from clogged cooling coils or water leaks in HVAC system.
  3. Cut down on time and money spent on housekeeping and cleaning.
  4. It saves energy and reduces your utility bills by allowing heat to transfer from HVAC system efficiently.

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