Bird Guard

Bird Guard


There are many species of birds that cause complications in HVAC system. Out of all these species pigeons are usual to cohabit with the human being by nesting in houses. In urban areas where trees are less in numbers, birds have less any other option than to cohabit in home which cause problems in HVAC system. This is because of their large, social populations. Aside from being a general nuisance, birds affect HVAC equipment in specific ways. Birds Guard is a purpose built box to restrict the entry of birds and rodents from entering through vents.


Bird debris and fecal matter degrades air circulation in HVAC system. If vents left unchecked the bird can enter into the system and will built nest on components. Bird particulates become trapped and will choke a filter bank. This creates a significant resistance to airflow. So, static pressure increases and compromises HVAC system. Bird contaminants also find gaps in the filter housing to enter the coils and drain pan. Bird debris and droppings clog evaporator coils. Again, this affects static pressure and performance. Breathing dust or water droplets containing contaminated bird droppings can lead to several diseases, including a pulmonary disease called Cryptococcosis.

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