Dryer Lint Alarm

Dryer Lint Alarm

DLA is an alarm unified by two components i.e. temperature sensor and airflow. It is an early warning system that alerts you that air has been obstructed in dryer vent. It enhances safety by monitoring the exhaust dryer vent. Alarming sensors attaché at the back of the dryer machine to monitor ongoing exhaust air flow temperature and pressure. When there is an clogged in the exhaust air flow pressure which results in to heat than Dryer Lint Alarm beeps for several time to warn about the upcoming eventuality.


A properly and well managed system by using Dryer Vent Alarm can minimize fire hazard. If a dryer cleaned once in a year than possible  upcoming fire hazard can be minimize, however, proper care of dryer vent is even than necessary to avoid common causes of air flow restrictions, which are as under:

  1. Careless attitude with belief that your dryer is safe and efficient.
  2. Blocked of the Dryer vent Hood.
  3. Kinked or crushed dryer connection hoses.
  4. Normal lint buildup in the Dryer Duct.
  5. Unusual interventions as it seems in many part of the country that birds builds next that block exhaust.


A Dryer should be cleaned once in a year because a properly clean dryer which exhaust air flow pressure plays a significant role to maximize energy, efficiency of your home. As a precautionary measure your home will be safer and healthier from possible fire hazard.

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