When you notice that your Clothes Dryer cleaner is not doing well or your Dryer isn’t drying your clothes, or your Dryer is taking longer time than that earlier, then it means that there is lint or a bird’s nest in your dryer vent which needs to be clean.

This cleaning starts from the source of the problem. Air Duct Cleaning was a process of whole house cleaning. However, Dryer vent Cleaning is not. It addresses the base of the problem.

Why is a clean dryer vent so important?

The biggest reason that MA Ultra-Fresh duct cleaning thinks everyone should keep their dryer vent cleaned all the time. You have a clean dryer vent to reduce the risk of a dryer fire. You know there are over 15,000 dryer fires in us every year. Something you need to stay on top of lint is very flammable, and when your dryer vent gets plugged with the lint, your Dryer can’t breathe properly, and you can have a fighter.

Everyone should keep their dryer vent cleaned every year at least one time of the year to reduce the risk of a dry fire. Secondly, your laundry is going to drive much faster with a clean dryer vent. It takes you more than 45 to 55 Mints to look dry a load of laundry in your Dryer, and then you have a venting issue. When your Dryer can’t breathe properly in one load of laundry, there’s a half-gallon of water, and that water needs to go somewhere it needs to go out that vent in you know in exit out of your house. Your laundry isn’t going to drive very fast. Your dryer vent clean every year laundry is going to dry much quicker.

The next reason this it’s going to that you need to have it cleaned is that stress will drastically lower your power. The big reason behind that is that your dryers will have to work as hard you’re going to be able to dry laundry in 45 to 55 minutes, not going to have to run for two hours. So your energy bills going to go down if you have an electric dryer your electric bill go down if you have a gas dryer, your gas bill will go down. According to a survey on its average, if you clean your dryer vent, you’re going to save about twenty-four dollars a month, that’s up to two hundred eighty dollars a year, so it’s worth having a clean dryer vent.


  • If your Dryer Vent takes a longer time for your clothes to dry,
  • If your Dryer isn’t drying your clothes completely,
  • If your clothes become hotter than normal after drying,
  • If the outside of your Dryer after drying becomes hot,
  • If you have a burning smell comes out of the Dryer after drying,
  • If there is less lint in the lint trap as compared to the normal,
  • If the Dryer’s working time, the above signs appear in your Dryer.
  • you need a professional to clean your dryer vent to avoid any future eventualities.


  • We make your laundry room less humid and dusty.
  • We Promote fire safety by preventing a lint-clogged dryer vent.
  • Our services increase your dryer efficiency.


About Dryer Vent, we offer the following services.

  • Dryer vent cleaning.
  • Dryer vent pipe replacement.
  • Dryer vent installation.
  • Dryer vent alterations.
  • Commercial laundries.
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